InvertibleNetworks.jl documentation


InvertibleNetworks.jl is a package of invertible layers and networks for machine learning. The invertibility allows to backpropagate through the layers and networks without the need for storing the forward state that is recomputed on the fly, inverse propagating through it. This package is the first of its kind in Julia with memory efficient invertible layers, networks and activation functions for machine learning.


This package is registered in the Julia general registry and can be installed in the REPL package manager (]):

] add InvertibleNetworks


This package is developed and maintained by Felix J. Herrmann's SlimGroup at Georgia Institute of Technology. The main contributors of this package are:

  • Rafael Orozco, Georgia Institute of Technology (
  • Philipp Witte, Microsoft Corporation (
  • Gabrio Rizzuti, Utrecht University (
  • Mathias Louboutin, Georgia Institute of Technology (
  • Ali Siahkoohi, Georgia Institute of Technology (


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The following publications use [InvertibleNetworks.jl]:


This package uses functions from NNlib.jl, Flux.jl and Wavelets.jl